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About Us

About Maulik Mansion

Cuddled by Nature, nuzzled by animals, the Maulik Mansion Hotel will be the tree-house in the jungle you always dreamed of. On the very periphery of the oldest wildlife sanctuary in India, we take pride in promising you one of the most memorable journeys of your life. Come over and let us take you on a mysterious quest to discover Nature’s secrets.

Amidst the calm greenery and lush scenery, the chirping of the birds is the only sound that will disturb you in your poetic isolation. At Maulik Mansion, you will be amazed to find the latest amenities in a remote place that is so far away from the modernity. An occasional roar of a lonely Bengal tiger may shake you out of your reverie. Your hands will automatically move towards your camera craving for a single shot of the canine in action. Besides the royal king of the feline fraternity, the Maulik Mansion is located at a place where an array of different birds can be easily spotted, mostly in the mornings and evenings. Bird-gazers may not have to venture far to fulfill their pursuit. Migratory birds fly over our hotel, flock after flock, during different migratory seasons and it’s a sight to behold!

Our hotel is not located near the river-side, which means that you do not have to bother about the blood-sucking mosquitoes, especially during the day time. No stale smell of putrid stagnant water during summers, no flying insects during monsoons and no chilly breeze-puffs during winters. Our hotel is in the coziest part on the outskirts of the jungle and we bet you will fall in love with it at first sight.

A harmonious blend of modernism and verdancy is what we aim to provide to our guests. The hotel offers an enriching experience to adventurous wildlife lovers and seekers of solitude. We outshine other hotels due to our home-like hospitality round the clock. The hotel is suitable for both long-term and short-term stay with varied packages. It is easily accessible by road from the nearby villages and railway station and perfectly safe for couples as well as families.

The hotel offers individual, family and group packs – Corbett safari, jungle trek, elephant safari and other tours to the Jim Corbett National Park as well.

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