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Health Club / Gym

Stay Healthy. Stay Active.

Working out is important even if you are on a vacation. Our hotel consists of an in-house gym with expert trainers to aid you in your muscle enhancement. Right from basic workout to advanced techniques like power yoga, Zumba and step aerobics and Bokwa Dance, everything can be found under one roof. We offer personalized training services for all guests in the hotel. The health club is full of supplementary nutrition and diet foods that can be availed by the guests without extra charges. Utmost care is taken of female customers and enthusiastic newcomers so that they may not strain themselves in unawareness.

Our health club has a variety of equipment including barbells, bench press, cables and pulleys, calf machine, dipping bars, dumb bells, in addition to foam roller and treadmills. Proper motivation is provided to customers and a result-oriented approach is our mantra. Since, most of the guests come in for short duration, we have short training sessions and workshops.

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